About Me

Welcome to Pups & Paws South Devon, My name is Courtney Brown and I have always had a love for all animals but for all those people who know me can tell you my passion and love for animals has always been a big part of who I am. 

I have always dreamt of working with animals and after 5 years of studying I have been given the opportunity  to follow my dream and start this adventure with Pups & Paws South Devon in 2020. 

During my live time I have been brought up with many different dog breeds ranging from large breeds such as bullmastiffs to small breeds such as a jack Russell with each dog I have had I have gained the experience needed to help care for your beloved pet.  

I am based in Avonwick where we are surrounded by some lovely country side such as Dartmoor but we are also a short distance from the sea meaning your dogs will receive a range of different enjoyable adventures  whilst your busy doing your thing however owners will be able to relaxes know that their pets are in safe hands and will be able to return home to a tired but happy pup. 

I am fully insured and police checked for your peace of mind. During the 5 years that I was studying I have completed many course ranging from Animal first aid, animal nutrient but also completing a foundation degree in animal behaviour and psychology so with this experience you can relax knowing you pet is in safe hands.